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Advanced sales tool for FMCG industry

Winning with us

Most of the general-purpose CRM software cannot properly handle specific requirements of FMCG industry. As experienced FMCG sales managers, we understand your needs and challenges. Also, unlike other complex applications, Sellark was created to be simple and efficient. Our clients use only what they really need. By using Sellark, they significantly increase their working productivity. Managing your sales team and developing successful products on the market were never been easier. With Sellark, you’ll always be 2-steps ahead of your competitors.

  • Sales management
  • Market research
  • Coaching and advising
Our clients in FMCG industry
  • Small and midsize businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors

Stunning functionality.

Everything is extremely simple and relevant. Achieve high-productivity sales culture in your company.

Clear interface

Easy navigation with minimal learning process. Focus on the content and improve your workflow.

Powerful features

Efficient management of your sales team. Track and analyze competition, prices and quality of products.

No improvisation

Simplified administration of ISO, BRC and IFS standards. Precise procedures, knowledge base and sales guide.

Trusted partner

Secure, fast and reliable cloud application. Synergy benefits by connecting to your existing ERP or CRM.

How do you manage your team?

You have to know needs of your customers and you have to give them the right offer in the right time. Every company’s biggest challenges are people management, their motivation, productivity and dedication to work. Sellark enables you to easy and efficiently manage your:

  • Sales team
  • Customers and sales opportunities
  • Existing and developing products
  • Market information and knowledge
  • Data analytics

Created by sales managers. 

Years of experience.

We’re Sellark, a SaaS startup company located in EU.
We pride ourselves on developing unique B2B solutions for FMCG industry.

What we can help you with

Sales management | Market research | Coaching and advising

Servers Uptime


Network Uptime


App Encryption


GDPR Compliant



Our enterprise-level cloud guarantees 100% SLA uptime. We ensure rock-solid stability and performance across our servers. We also care about security and privacy of your data as we are fully GDPR compliant.

Sellark is Software as a Service (SaaS). All costs and worries about hardware, software, security, updates and administration is on us. You only need Internet access and familiar-to-everybody browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox.