Increase your sales

Advanced sales tool for FMCG industry

Stunning functionality.

Everything is extremely simple and relevant.

Your existing CRM / ERP


Clear interface

Easy navigation with minimal learning process. Focus on the content and improve your workflow.

Powerful features

Efficient management of your sales team. Track and analyze competition, prices and consumer preferences.

Trusted partner

Secure, fast and reliable cloud application. Synergy benefits by connecting to your existing ERP or CRM.

How do you manage your team?

You have to know needs of your customers and you have to give them the right offer in the right time. Every company’s biggest challenges are people management, their motivation, productivity and dedication to work. Sellark enables you to easy and efficiently manage your:

  • Sales team
  • Customers and sales opportunities
  • Existing and developing products
  • Market information and knowledge
  • Data analytics

Created by sales managers. 

Years of experience.